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Nutritional counseling

Learn how to go from surviving to thriving and take back your health into your own hands.



My approach to whole body healing

My holistic approach to health and well-being takes into consideration all areas of your life.

From the food you eat to your work to the relationship you have with yourself and others. I firmly believe that lasting health is a journey, not a prescription to mask a symptom.

As a coach, it’s my job to give you the tools you need, to put the power back in your hands.


Whole-body health means just that - to look at and care for the body as a whole, mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the things we will look at and work on together as a team to help you once again discover true health and happiness.

  • Whole natural foods

    My philosophy is simple, EAT REAL FOOD! Although sometimes something so easy, can be so complicated. That’s where I come in, to show you that food is not only fuel but also medicine for your body. The foods you eat have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. The goal is to learn how to make the right choices when it comes to providing your body with the highest level of nutritional value so that you can live in optimal health.

  • A powerful mindset

    Understanding how the mind works and how biology and the foods we eat can be sabotaging our attempts when it comes to trying to make healthy choices. I teach you the “Why” behind the choices you make and how to effortlessly change the way you think about the foods you eat.

    I will help you to establish real obtainable goals and teach you how to reset old habits that no longer serve you and create new daily habits that will lead to lasting changes.

  • A centered sense of self

    Emotional nurturance is at the very core of healthy brain development. When our emotional needs go unsatisfied, the brain looks for other things to help soothe the void. Food and drugs tend to be some of the easiest and attainable things to turn, too, but both have detrimental effects on our mind and body wellbeing.

    True support runs much deeper than simple encouragement. It's being able to see another at their core and help them to see themselves in a new light. Health is not merely based upon measurable physical symptoms, but more so about how we really "feel" on the inside. Being able to create a balanced emotional state of wellbeing, is at the very center of our overall health.

  • Special helpers

    Although I am a huge advocate for having a diet that provides all the nutrients you need. Sometimes our bodies need a little help with the healing process; that’s where supplements come in. I am not one for fancy marketing and hype product. I will work with you to find supplements within your budget and only recommend what’s genuinely needed throughout the process and beyond.

  • The perfect balance

    A custom care plan, tailored to your uniqueness. This is where we take into consideration your life as a whole and make a plan that works for you in “real life - your life” cause let’s face it; it’s only gonna work if you can make it work.


How it all works.

The focus is centered around using whole foods, mostly or all plant-based, backed by a science-proven method to create a new way for you to enjoy food and get healthy. The focus doesn't just stop with what you eat; overall, we will look into the Why behind your food and lifestyle choices. By getting to the root causes that may have led you to the state of wellbeing you are currently stuck in. 

Working together, we will begin to start the healing process from the inside out. This is whole mind, body, spirit wellness at its very best.   

Truly investing in your health requires a commitment on both parts, by working together, we will create the life and body you desire in a real and achievable way. For complex health issues and weight loss clients, it may be necessary to work together for a more extended period. Bundled sessions are available.

Although I help individuals treat various symptoms and conditions - I specialize in weight loss, gut-related ailments and conditions, and general digestive and bowel issues. 

Prices vary depending on the duration of time working together; I offer a range of options, from one-off sessions to more long term packages. I offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery session, so we can briefly get to know each other and see if it's a good match to work together. 



When it comes to making lasting changes, there are no quick fixes. With that said, I typically work with clients over a series of sessions lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 months. During our time together I will give you all the tools and support you need to start your recovery and set you up for future success.

Initial meeting will be split in two sessions:

  • First session covers in depth case history, lifestyle assessment.

  • Second session we will go over at establish a goal and a action plan for the coming weeks.

  • Bi weekly sessions via in person, live chat or by phone.

  • For local clients grocery tours can be arranged and incorporated into our sessions.

  • Email support throughout.


Partner Up

When it comes to our diet and lifestyle choices most of us have a partner in crime.

Getting healthy and making long term changes to your diet and lifestyle is much easier when everyone is on board. Chances are you didn’t get to where you are alone and you know what they say, “do the crime together, do the time together”

Sessions work the same as above, however I offer a discount for couples.

  • You will each receive an in depth initial intake assessment and special custom plan suited for your individual conditions.

  • The remainder of your sessions will be shared and we will meet as a team.

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