Hi there I’m Amanda Callery, Certified holistic nutritionist and mindset coach.

But beyond the labels and titles, I am someone that understands your struggles and pain, because they were once mine too.

Look I get it, right now there is probably a lot of things you don’t like about your body or your current situation.…


How every time you try to lose weight you fail, and how you then get even more discouraged for even trying. It gets to the point that you start to think why even try, just the thought of trying seems to be too much work.

How your weight or pain stops you from enjoying or doing the things you love.

How you never have energy no matter how much you sleep.

How you constantly feel uncomfortable and bloated all the time.

How food is always on your mind, I mean ALWAYS.

How you feel that you will forever be in constant pain or overweight.


It’s ok to feel like this and it’s ok to want something different

Not only is it ok for you to want these things but by working with me it’s my job to get you the things you WANT, not just the things you THINK you can get. 

I mean the things you really, really, really want.

A body you feel good in emotionally and physically. 

A body that makes you feel confident to go after the things you want.  

A body filled with energy and full of life.

A body that is comfortable to be in, free from bloating and aches and pains.

A mind that is free from negative thinking and obsessive thoughts about yourself and food. 

The confidence and belief that you can have the life of your dreams

I am not here to help you lose that last 10 lbs

I’m here to help you take the first 40, 80, 100+ lbs off. 

This is not an overnight get skinny quick kinda thing. Real change takes time. It’s about steady consistent small changes that lead to lifelong dramatic results. 

This is not about having a fail-safe method. The reality is you are going to fail, and it’s about knowing what to do when you fail and how to get back on track.

This is not about making you into someone you don’t want to be. You don’t have to start going to the gym every day, buying essential oils, become a yoga pro and only eat local organic foods. Although all those things are good, if something doesn’t resonate with the person you are or want to become, you shouldn’t feel pressured to be, or do certain things to find success.

This is about teaching you the tools you need to find success no matter who, what, where, when and how you want to live your life. 

Let’s face it, you are not just unhappy about your weight. You know, and I know, it goes much deeper than that. This is about finally saying I have had enough and I’m worth more, I deserve more, and It’s now my turn to get what I want.

This is about you saying to yourself that you are worth your dreams.

This is about you being selfish.

No one will do this for you, because no one can.

Only you can make the choice to say


When you are ready to say that. 

When you are ready to invest in yourself no matter what the cost. 

When you are really ready to say enough is enough. 

Contact me and I will show you just how far you can go.