The importance of setting a goal when it comes to overcoming emotional eating and food addiction.


I often talk about weight loss and overcoming food addiction and emotional eating as a journey. But where does that journey actually begin and what are some of the first steps you must take.

Well, like any journey, it helps if you know where you're going.

I mean it's one thing to say "hey, let's go somewhere," but then once you get in your car, you just find yourself aimlessly driving around in circles.

It's pretty hard to achieve your desired results, if you don't really know what they are.

Now I'm sure most of you have a general idea of what it is you want. I’m guessing it’s probably something along the lines of wanting to feel better, and have control over what you eat.

But relying on some vague notion of what you want, is kinda like saying "let's go to Peru" - Without a map, and proper directions - how far do you think you would get before giving up and heading back home?

If you ask an average person what they want in life, you'll probably get a plethora of I don't knows, and some basic need answers like; happiness, money, and love.

But, very rarely will you get someone saying in a detailed sentence, exactly, and precisely, what it is that they want and are working towards.

And that is the very difference between something being a goal versus just wishful thinking.

Knowing what you really want, and why you want it is at the very beginning of your journey towards success.

Without being able to answer these questions, you are merely wandering around looking for solutions here, and there, hoping something will eventually stick and cause you to change.

It's one thing to know what you want, but knowing why you want it is equally, if not more important.

A lot of people say they want more money, but why?

What will more money, do or offer you? Often what we really want lies in the WHY.

When you really know why it is you want what you want, you create your drive to succeed.

You see, the choices you make daily are a constant back and forth of weighing out pros and cons. Without realizing it, your mind is continually calculating its best course of action every moment.

When faced with an option to, binge out on cake all night, or not. Your brain looks at the benefits of both options before making a choice.

Whichever option has the best-perceived benefit is the one you will choose.

In this scenario, without there being a benefit to not having the cake, the benefits of having the cake and getting a rush of dopamine and serotonin are the best option.

And that's where your GOAL, and WHY, come into play — Having a strong why behind your specific goal gives you a benefit to not eating cake all night.

It helps level the playing field when it comes to weighing out your options and helps you to choose a different path.

Often you will see individuals making huge lifestyle changes when faced with death. The benefit of not dying far outweighs the choice to do that, what's causing them harm in the first place.

It's important to note that, in that example, "not dying" is not always a good enough WHY reason.

If an individual has nothing to live for or does not love themselves enough to value their worth to live, then even faced with death, the option to use can be seen as a better choice.

Like anything I teach, there are layers to healing and, much of the process is intertwined with other aspects such as; the foods we eat, our emotional past traumas, and our mental programming.

And although addressing just one area is not going to be the whole solution, it does not mean that any step is less important than another.

Having a clearly defined goal and a meaningful why behind it, give you the starting point to build your journey upon.

Knowing your end destination before you begin acts as a guiding beacon, lighting your path towards success.

Part of this journey is having the right tools and support. Coaching and support act like a built-in GPS.

Yes, you can figure it out and piece it all together yourself. But having someone to guide you and tell you what turn to make, and when, and help get you back on track if you take a wrong turn - makes the journey that much more achievable.

Because I know how hard it can be to get started and; how much I want you to be successful. I created a step by step guide to help you create your goal and define your meaningful why behind it.

Download the guide and take some time to really get down to the heart of what it is you truly desire and why you want it.

The guide will walk you through - how to form a worthy goal, and, what to do once you have created your goal.

Click the image to Download Now!

Once complete head on over to the Food Over Mood Facebook group and share it with the rest of us.

I can't stress enough how important it is to find support on this journey of yours.

Surrounding yourself with others that understand and or have been where you are; can be comforting and inspiring in times of need.

This is why I created the Food Over Mood Facebook Group, and I encourage you to join and be apart of a heart-centered support group for women just like yourself that struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, and food addiction.

If you are looking to take the next step in your journey and want to know more about how coaching can help fast track you towards ultimate food freedom; Click here to learn more.

As always I love hearing from you. Feel free to reach out to me anytime I am always here to help and guide you.

Love and wellness ,


Amanda Callery