You don't need another diet, and here's why.

why diets don't work

Sometimes the path towards food freedom can feel more like a tightrope; fearful that the slightest shift will send us flying off course.

In our attempt to resolve our issues and strained relationship with food, we often feel the only answer is to create maximum restraint over ourselves and our environment. Unfortunately, living under this level of control only sets us up for inevitable failure and ultimately damages our self-esteem and confidence.

This leaves us feeling like a failure, causing us to turn to food once again, to comfort and soothe us. Before long we are right back at the beginning, longing for a way out, thinking, if only I were more strict on myself I might still be on track.

I often talk about weight loss and overcoming food addictions as a journey, but what if your road to recovery had no boundaries.

What if there was no path to stray from - no wagon to fall off of.

When we have set expectations of how things "should be," we are essentially saying that anything less is wrong and that if we don't achieve those expectations, then we are not good enough.

Expectations put us into comparing mode and condition us to start labeling things around us as good or bad. We then feel an immense amount of pressure to be perfect within this false reality we have created, causing us to judge our every move.

When we remove the need to compare ourselves to anyone or set way of being. We remove the boundaries from our path.

This allows us to get to our destination without worrying about how long it takes or if we mess up along the way.

Where our focus goes, momentum grows.

When we focus on the need to be a certain way to be good or ok, we put so much energy on the fact that we are not good or ok at this moment.

But by removing the "need to be something or else mentality,” and shifting our focus towards becoming more curious and asking

How can I support myself today?

We shift the focus toward love, health, and support.

We don't see ourselves as something that is broken and needs to be fixed, but as something that is already perfect, only requiring care and proper maintenance.

I often get asked what’s the first step towards losing weight and getting over emotional eating, and the answer is always the one no one wants to hear - that is, to love yourself.

It's hard to begin to love yourself when you hate your body and the way you are around food.

But it's this very lack of self-love that keeps you stuck in the trap you are in. Only once you are able to love yourself as you are, are you then able to change.

When you keep the focus on how to best care for yourself and your health, you begin to make different choices.

You will naturally gravitate towards foods that will support and nourish you.

Over time, how you view food, and the way you feel about it will change. Food will then become what it was always intended to be; nourishment for your mind and body, not comfort for your misery.

Loving yourself takes time, patience, and practice; which is essential for healing to begin.

There is no amount of dieting, calorie counting, restricting, food avoidance, meal prepping, self-discipline, motivation, willpower, or any other miracle magic pill that will ever work better than being able to truly love yourself.

Once you love yourself, you will no longer worry about failing because there will be nothing to fail from.

The road to recovery is a journey and never easy, but by changing the foods we eat, our daily habits and with proper support and coaching, success is achieved. I can't stress enough how important it is to find support on this journey of yours.

Surrounding yourself with others that understand and or have been where you are; can be comforting and inspiring in times of need.

This is why I created the Food Over Mood Facebook Group, and I encourage you to join and be apart of a heart-centered support group for women just like yourself that struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, and food addiction.


I love hearing from you guys feel free to reach out and contact me if you have questions or leave a comment below.

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