You are sabotaging your weight loss and here is why.

Featured artist:  @bethdrawsthings

Featured artist: @bethdrawsthings

I was talking with someone the other day about what it is that keeps us stuck, way longer than we should be. What is it that stops us from making the changes we so desire? 

For years it seemed like no matter what I tried or how many attempts I made, failure became the norm. 

I knew what I wanted (or so I thought) so why was I unable to have it. 

I wanted to lose weight bottom line. I was sick and tired of feeling constantly uncomfortable and miserable in my own body. I felt like my body was holding me back from living life - the life I wanted, and when I lost weight, I would be free to be the person I always dreamed of being. 

The biggest problem was I was unhappy, unhappy with my weight, unhappy with my relationships, and unhappy with my life. 

I ate primarily because I was unhappy, and in turn, I was unhappy because I ate all the time. 

I felt trapped in this bad revolving cycle, from sunup to sundown, all day, every day. 

My desire to break free would drive me crazy and leave me feeling helpless at the same time. 

I kept searching out there for answers never once thinking that the solution to all this madness was something inside myself. 


What I wanted was a happy life.

I wanted a partner that loved and supported me and was always there for me. 

I wanted a career that I loved, and I was passionate about. 

I wanted a body that I felt good in, free from discomforts. 

I wanted meaning in my life and purpose. 

I wanted these things, so why was it that I had none of them, and how did others seem to have no problem obtaining the things they wanted. 

I may have wanted these things, but my thoughts on having them were definitely not in alignment. In fact, deep within my mind, I was far from deserving of a happy life. 

You see, our thoughts and feelings guide us in life and help us to make choices and decisions. 

However, much of what we think and feel is achievable or possible for us is already pre-programmed in us as young children. 

In my case, growing up in an environment that made it very clear that I was less than others and therefore not deserving, became my guiding light in my mind. 

I met nice guys on dates and would quickly find reasons in my head to justify why they or I was not a good match.

I would get dream job offers and would talk myself out of taking them for a multitude of reasons. 

I would try to lose weight and eventually conclude that it was not meant to be, due to genetics or simply not in the cards for me. 

The root of all my missed opportunities, bad breaks, and life unhappiness was a deep-rooted belief that I did not deserve good things in my life. 

I grew up seeing others getting treated with love, kindness, and respect from their parents and peers, and I quickly formed beliefs in my mind that these things were not going to be for me. 

Continually trying to chase these things was always going to result in leaving me feeling exhausted, hopeless, and like a failure for trying. 

As long as I didn't feel deserving and worthy of the life I wanted, I was never going to get it. 

It wasn't until I was able to change the way I felt on the inside, was I finally able to change the outside. 

Changing the way we see ourselves and developing a deep sense of self-worth are essential, and the first steps in being able to make changes that last. 

To first do this, you need to go back, way back, and really get to the root of where your current beliefs come from. 

The silly thing is that these beliefs that we carry around with us that stop us from living and being the real us are not even true. Most of these beliefs hold no truth to them whatsoever, yet we carry them around and act like they are the law. 

What's even crazier is that they are not even your own beliefs? They were put onto you from someone else, and you accepted them as truths. 

Well, no more! 

If I can teach you one thing above all else is that I no longer want you to walk through life living out some cheap less than version of yourself based on others beliefs. 

You get one life as you, and it is your God-given right to make that life your own in the best way you see fit. 

You deserve the best life has to offer, and you deserve to create it the way you want, but first you must reset your current beliefs and replace them with new ones. 

I created a step by step guide for you to download and get started on replacing your old, outdated beliefs.

I encourage you to take some time for yourself and read over the guide and ask yourself where these thoughts come from and what do you really want for your future.

I can't stress enough how important it is to find support on this journey of yours.

Surrounding yourself with others that understand and or have been where you are; can be comforting and inspiring in times of need.

This is why I created the Food Over Mood Facebook Group, and I encourage you to join and be apart of a heart-centered support group for women just like yourself that struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, and food addiction.

If you are looking to take the next step in your journey and want to know more about how coaching can help fast track you towards ultimate food freedom; Click here to learn more.

I love hearing from you guys. Let me know below in the comments if you too have struggled with an outdated vision of yourself.

Love and Wellness


Amanda Callery