Why you should stop trying to lose weight.

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I often talk about weight loss and how I was able to lose weight as a result of changing my mindset and the foods I ate. And although I am now much more physically comfortable in my body, the ultimate goal was not to reach a set specific number on the scale.

I know how physically taxing it can be to carry around excess weight and the toll it can take on your body both physically and mentally.

I also know how focused and obsessed we can become with wanting to lose weight in hopes that our life will be better in some aspects.

Losing weight may help you to feel better physically, but real, lasting health and well-being runs much deeper than just the physical.

It's important to ask yourself what your ultimate goals are before you start your journey - remember weight loss does not mean guaranteed health.

I know that if you are currently stuck trying to lose weight, focusing on anything else can seem impossible.

You daily thoughts probably revolve around how much you should eat, when to eat, what to eat, if you ate too much, what to do now that you ate too much, and so on and so on.

Not only may you be struggling to lose weight, but the constant back and forth bantering with your brain can be exhausting.

So what's the solution?

How can you lose weight and not focus on losing weight at the same time?

Before I answer that; I have a question for you. What's the first thing you do when you lose something??

You try to find it, right?

When our minds precise something to be lost or missing, all of our energy and thoughts shift to focus on the loss.

And like I've said before - Where focus goes, momentum grows.

Meaning whatever we think most about; we begin to create and attract that to us.

That's why it so important to choose our thoughts carefully.

If we tend to spend the majority of our time focused on how hard it is to lose weight, or how we can't ever lose weight, or how nothing we do helps us lose weight.

Then subconsciously, we begin to create and are attracted to situations that may be hindering our weight loss success. Also, when the focus is solely on weight loss, the decisions you make will not be made out of love for long term health.

This is another reason why people relapse when trying to lose weight because the goal was not focused on long-term health and wellness, but merely reaching a set number on the scale.

So back to finding a solution.

How can you lose weight and not focus on it at the same time?

The solution is to focus on health and not worry about losing weight, or what size you are, or what number is on the scale.

Try to shift your daily thoughts around food from what is BAD for you and what you are doing wrong. To how can you support your health today, what CAN you eat that will fuel your body and give it the nutrients it needs.

Try to look for ways that you can use food to help heal your body and support it.

Find foods that you enjoy and that are packed with nutrients and look for more ways to add them into your diet. Instead of always focusing on what has to go, look at what foods can come into your life.

When you practice shifting your thoughts from; what you are doing wrong, to how can you do more for your health and your body. You create more opportunities to seek out health and wellness in your life.

When you remove the shame, guilt, and pressure to be, or do, things a certain way, or else. And you focus on loving yourself as you are and want to support your health in all forms.

You set a foundation for long term success and health. Weight loss will inevitably happen by focusing on health, but it no longer becomes the focus of your day to day.

In time you will find that the more you focus your thoughts on eating for health, the more comfortable and more automatic your daily choices become around food.

The way you view food and the relationship you have with food ultimately will change, and you begin to see food as something helpful rather than harmful.

I can't stress enough how important it is to find support on this journey of yours.

Surrounding yourself with others that understand and or have been where you are; can be comforting and inspiring in times of need.

This is why I created the Food Over Mood Facebook group, and I encourage you to join and be apart of a heart-centered support group for women just like yourself that struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, and food addiction.

If you are looking to take the next step in your journey and want to know more about how coaching can help fast track you towards ultimate food freedom; Click here to learn more.

Love and Wellness


Amanda Callery