Why is losing weight so damn hard - The number one thing that's stopping you.

weight loss is hard

Seriously what is it about losing weight that is so hard to do. For years I struggled to try to lose weight, and although I would find success from time to time it was always short lived and before you know it the weight would slowly find its way back settling into all it's familiar flaps and folds.

I tried every diet on the market from only eating chicken breasts to eating cabbage soup to eating as they do in the army; I even ate only bananas for a while.

I made it five days on a water fast, in which I thought I was going to die, only to re-binge so hard after it was over that not only did I gain everything and more back but I was also extremely constipated for weeks afterward.

On top of all that I would look up Pro Ana tips (that stands for Pro-Anorexia) like wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it hard every time you thought of food, (which does not work and please don't try it).

If you're reading this I'm guessing you can relate and have also tried it all. It wasn't until years later, and after tons of research, education and personal growth and development did I finally find an answer.

I'm here to help you skip a lot of the searching and tell you that it all comes down to 3 main things.

Your mindset, your emotional well-being and the foods you eat.

Almost all diet plans on the market address one of these issues, but they never look at weight loss as a whole body system issue.

And if you think of it it makes sense; we are not just one thing, we are tri-part beings mind, body, and spirit. It only makes sense to treat our whole being when it comes to making changes that last. The thing is that all three of these work hand in hand and they each influence and affect each other. When you make changes to the way, you think about food; you inevitably make changes to the food choices you pick.

To break it down a little, let's look at how each one of these areas affects our ability to lose weight.

Let's start with the mental aspect.

When it comes to weight loss much of it begins in our mind. The way we view ourselves in our mind's eye becomes the guiding force behind the way we act the habits we form and the choices we make surrounding not only food but all other areas in our life.

Especially when it comes to food it's one of the main deciding factors behind what makes someone fat vs. skinny.

Overweight individuals have a vision of themselves in their mind as being overweight as do slim individuals have one of themselves being slim.

As long as we see ourselves in a particular light, the change will not be possible. The good thing here is that change is possible and it starts by seeing ourselves in a new way.

A very close friend of mine is a gym master, no matter what the weather is or if he is feeling sick or if he is having a bad day, he always manages to get dressed and go to the gym.

I asked him one day how he does it, how does he have the motivation to get up every day and hit the gym, when just the thought of going to the gym mentally and physically exhausts me.

His reply was so simple yet profound; he simply said "it's just who I am"

You see he has a vision of himself "an identity" of someone that goes to the gym, works out and has a body to show for it. It's a part of who he is as a person as much as his height, hair color, taste in fashion, etc.

We collect traits and beliefs all along the way through life from the day we are born to the day we die. Some of these thoughts we collect about ourselves are self-serving, and some of them work against us.

And although at the moment you probably have some that are seriously working against you when it comes to weight loss. You have the ability to put new self-serving thoughts into your mind and replace your old, outdated ones.

Our brains work much like a computer with a set of pre-programmed instructions, and our minds will diligently do whatever it takes to stick to that program.

If you see yourself as someone that looks, weighs and feels like 5'6, 210lbs, then as soon as you start to dip below that mark your brain begins to say,

"hey, hold up, this is not us, this is not how we look or feel."

And before long without us being aware of what's going on, we are gently nudged and guided back to where we started.

Just like a computer, you can also get an update and reset your current set of pre-programmed instructions to ones that serve you not harm you.

To start reprogramming your mind, you first have to understand how the mind interoperates things. Our brains see and understand things in image from. We use pictures of the past or future to communicate how we should or shouldn't be, do or act.

The first step is to start to create a new identity "program." Before you can change the one you have you need to create one you want.

Start looking for people you can relate to or admire; you need to create a future version of yourself that feels believable.

Being able to believe it is critical; if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

I'm not saying it will feel natural right away, that takes time, but it has to be at least believable.

Next, spend a little time every day envisioning your new future you, do this for weeks, months and beyond. I like to do it as I go to sleep; get really specific and keep tailoring it every day.

Write it down! Get a journal and write it down, every last detail.

  • What does she do for fun?

  • How does she destress?

  • What are her fav healthy snacks?

  • How does she move her body?

The goal is to create a blueprint to guide you in making the changes you need to.

When you have a clear vision of who you want to become and precisely what that future you does to maintain the life she has; you then know what you need to do to get that. Then it just a matter of doing the things she does, again this is not overnight, but every day you try to do, act and be like her and before you know it you'll be her.

And then one day someone will say how do you do all this? Where do you get the motivation, and you'll say "it's just who I am"

Check in next week for part 2, and see how our emotions affect our weight loss.

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