Winner winner plant-based dinner - How whole foods win when it comes to weight loss

Why do we make the choices we make when it comes to the way we eat; more importantly, why do the choices we make prevent us from losing weight.

The answer to this is not as straightforward as you probably would like. In my previous blogs, I mentioned how our mindset and emotions affect the way we eat and how they can be hindering our weight loss. If you haven't read those posts, I highly recommend you check them out here.

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Aside from our thoughts and feelings, food itself has the ability to control us and our choices, making it all the harder to make the changes we need to in order to lose weight.

Food itself has changed over the years and is far from what it once was. Just because something is edible does not remotely make it nutritious for you in any way. Foods or "fake foods" as I like to call them have been designed to be as hyperpalatable (meaning super addictive) as possible to get you hooked and coming back for more. You are literally paying to buy junk that is gonna keep you trapped and prevent you from losing weight.

Make no mistake about it, there is nothing wrong with your willpower when it comes to these foods, they are designed with you in mind, and they are doing what they are meant to do.

High fat, sugar, and salt foods react in the brain and trigger the reward center in the same way drugs do. Your brain is designed to seek out the richest, most calorie dense foods possible, so you have the best chance for survival.

Unfortunately, instead of searching for nuts, dates, and avocados, we now find highly processed, highly pleasurable foods around every corner.

The solution to maintaining long-term weight loss is to go back to eating a diet that was designed for humans; one that nature created for us, not one made in a lab.

So what are we supposed to eat, well to really know this we need to go back, way back before we started to industrialize foods.

Whole foods that are found abundantly in nature are an excellent place to start. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Foods that were easy for us to find and eat.

So what about meat and dairy…. Look as an evidence-based nutritionist; which means I look for sound, long term, based evidence that shows certain foods to be proven safe and healthy for us.

My stance is that currently, all long-term evidence points to a whole food plant based diet as being the safest most health-promoting diet there is.

I agree with the fact that in the past yes we ate meat, but that is far removed from the meat we now consume. Not only is the quality vastly different, but so is the quantity. Where we use to eat maybe a small amount of meat a week if we were lucky, we now eat massive amounts multiple times a day.

And as for dairy, there are no sound studies promoting its health benefits, in fact, the evidence is clear on how bad it really is for us. Let alone that the majority of the world population is dairy intolerant.

Let alone that cheese is over 70% fat (and not the health benefit kind) and makes the list as being one of the most addictive foods. Dairy, along with fat and sugar, is also found in the majority of the others foods that rank as being most addictive.

Despite all the different opinions and diets out there, one thing is always consistent... Ditch the junk and processed foods and opt for whole foods fruits and veggies.

And honestly, I feel you already know that I mean we all know that on some level. For the most part, we know that chocolate cake is not healthy or that cookies are not suitable for weight loss. It's not that we don't know these foods are not good for us, its that somewhere along the line we accepted that they are ok in moderation…

But here is where lies the problem. What on earth is moderation?

One cookie, two, three, four … one a day, every day, every other day, once a week. And even if we knew the magic number, how do you control that, how do you stop when the food itself is made in a way that you can't stop.

Let's be real; it's not like the problem is kale or broccoli, the problem is the overprocessed, high sugar, high fat, high salt foods.

When it comes down to it, the best thing to do is to avoid these foods; and that is by no means an easy task. It's hard to avoid things when everything in our world is set up for us not to avoid them. I'm not saying it's easy to start, but it is doable and becomes easy when you can change the way you see food.

A whole food plant based diet works on so many levels here are just a few of the reasons.

  1. Whole foods are low in calories, which means you can eat more and weigh less.

  2. They are packed with fiber keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Fiber also is food for your gut, keeping your intestines happy and bowels moving. No more uncomfortable bloating or constipation.

  3. Whole foods are filled with health and longevity, promoting vitamins and minerals and are known to prevent and reverse disease.

  4. After making the switch to whole foods, your palate will adapt, and you will no longer crave the high sugar, high salt, high-fat foods you are now used to eating.

  5. Eating whole foods will put you in the habit of cooking and creating your own meals. This prevents you from continually eating out; which will save you money.

  6. A whole food plant based way of eating is the ultimate food freedom. Once you identify as a person that only eats whole foods, you no longer question what you can, and can't have or what you should or shouldn't have. You know the foods you eat and why you eat them, and they are all ok to eat anytime, however much you want and whatever you want. That is ultimate freedom when you no longer have to question everything.

  7. No more stressing about carbs, protein, fat, just eat real foods; fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, nut, and seeds.

I have seen first hand and have help others to finally escape this horrible trap by combining a combination of the change in mindset, emotional healing, and removal of crack junk foods in favor of whole foods.

When you approach weight loss and food addiction from this perspective and treat the mind, body, and soul, you create a winning combination for long term success.

This is my wish for you, to be able to make these shifts in these 3 areas and be able to free yourself once and for all from your own personal traps.

Stay tuned and stick around for more as I continue to update you and guide you on your journey towards freedom.

The road to recovery is a journey and never easy, but by changing the foods we eat, our daily habits and with proper support and coaching, success is achieved. To get started and to be a part of a heart-centered support group for women wanting to lose weight and overcome food addictions.

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And remember... Little steps in a new direction lead to bigger and better destinations.

I love hearing from you guys. Let me know below in the comments your thoughts about switching to a more plant based diet.

Love and Wellness  


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