Callery Nutrition
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Hey there it’s me Amanda, Holistic Nutritionist and Mindset Coach

My purpose is to help women free themselves from the traps they’re in, allowing them to release the mental and physical weight that is holding them back from creating the life they Desire and so Deserve!


Real Food, Real Advice, Real Life!


Are you tired of trying to lose weight over and over again, only to find yourself still in the same place?

  • Feeling stuck and unable to see a way out of your current situation?

  • Find yourself thinking about the life and body you want to be in, but then feel like you could never achieve your dreams?

  • Feel like your negative thoughts about your body and food control you, which in turn makes you feel constantly bad?

  • Feeling like you don’t know what steps to take, to start creating positive and permanent change.

  • Tired of feeling sick and bloated, with little energy to do the the things you love or want to do?

  • Been there, done that, tried every diet out there and still nothing works?

Imagine what will be possible when we work together.

  • Effortlessly lose weight by changing the way you see yourself and food.

  • Find yourself in the body you want, doing the things you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Having a new inner confidence in yourself.

  • Become confident that you will receive the tools to make changes that are easy to stick to for life.

  • Become an overall happier, healthier woman with achievable goals and dreams.

Are you ready to join me in this one of a kind 8 week nutritional mindset coaching program?