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Hey there it’s me Amanda, holistic nutritionist and mindset coach. I’m the Who behind showing you the How, Why and What to do, when it comes to reclaiming your health.




Amanda helps individuals to manage a range of conditions and ailments by educating her clients on the root causes, rather than focusing solely on the symptoms.


Food Over Mood

Food Over Mood is an 8 week mind/body program designed for women to help them free themselves from the traps they’re in, allowing them to release the mental and physical weight that is holding them back from creating the life they Desire and so Deserve!



I love hearing from you and am happy to answers any questions you may have. For all inquiries, or to schedule an appointment with me, click below.



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My approach to whole body healing

My holistic approach to health and wellbeing, takes into consideration all areas of your life. From the food you eat, to your work, to the relationship you have with yourself and others. I strongly believe that lasting health is a journey, not a prescription to simply mask a symptoms. As a coach, it’s my job to give you the tools you need, to put the power back in your hands.


Whole Natural Foods

My philosophy is simple, EAT REAL FOOD! Although sometimes something so easy, can be so complicated. That’s where I come in, to show you that food is not only fuel but also medicine for your body. The foods you eat have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. The goal is to learn how to make the right choices when it comes to providing your body with the highest level of nutritional value so that you can live in optimal health.


A Powerful Mindset

Understanding how the mind works and how biology and the foods we eat can be sabotaging our attempts, when it comes to trying to make healthy choices. I teach you the “Why” behind the choices you make and how to effortlessly change the way you think about the foods you eat.

I will help you to establish real obtainable goals and teach you how to reset old habits that no longer server you and create new daily habits that will lead to lasting changes.


A Centered Sense Of Self

Emotional nurturance is at the very core of healthy brain development. When our emotional needs go unsatisfied the brain looks for other things to help sooth the void. Food and drugs tend to be some of the easiest and attainable things to turn too, but both have detrimental effects on our mind and body wellbeing.

True support runs much deeper than simple encouragement. It’s being able to see another at their core and help them to see themselves in a new light. Health is not merely based upon measurable physical symptoms, but more so about how we really “feel” on the inside. Being able to create a balanced emotional state of wellbeing, is at the very centre of are overall health.


Special Helpers

Although I am a huge advocate for having a diet that provides all the nutrients you need. Sometimes our bodies need a little help with the healing process, that’s where supplements come in. I am not one for fancy marketing and hype product. I will work with you to find supplements within your budget and only recommend what’s truly needed throughout the process and beyond.


The Perfect Balance

A custom care plan, tailored to your own uniqueness. This is where we take in to consideration your life as a whole and make a plan that works for you in “real life - your life” cause let’s face it, it’s only gonna work if you can make it work.